Finally at rest: Irmtraut Paul, 1931-2011

This morning, shortly before eight in the morning, my mother went home to the Lord. For quite some time already she had suffered from increasingly severe old age dementia, and after a stroke was partially paralyzed. In the few lucid moments which she had right up to the end one could tell that she was aware of this, and that it troubled her greatly. As a believer in Christ she longed to be liberated from this prison which her body had become, and to go home to God. Today her desire was granted.

On the wall of her room there was a poster which she had created herself, and which had moved with her, from her bedroom in the house where I grew up, first to an old people’s home, and then two years ago to the nursing home:

Christ is risen!
This gives our hope
for life

We are so grateful that this fact, which we celebrated only a few weeks ago at Easter, was the foundation of her life, and is the foundation of our lives as well.

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