On the funeral follows a wedding …

One of the interesting things about life on this world is how close (physical) death and new life are. A few weeks ago our family got together to bury my mother and remember her life, and this past weekend we all got together again for the wedding of my daughter. The run-up to this was rather stressful, so blogging was on the back burner.

Here are some photos from the wedding:

Jessica und Philipp lauschen dem Eingangs-Solo bei ihrer Hochzeit
Jessica and Philipp listen to the opening solo at their wedding

Die Trauung fand in der Lutherkirche statt
The wedding took place in the Lutheran Church in Wien-Währing, and was conducted jointly by Philipp’s pastor, Pfarrer Uwe Kühneweg, and my pastor, Jonathan Wright of the International Baptist Church of  Vienna,.

Witnesses were Jessica’s best friend Natasha Thompson and Philipp’s brother Stefan.
In the background (under the pulpit) you can see the honor guard provided by Philipp’s “color-bearing” fraternity, Wingolf.

Pastor Kühneweg blessing the couple

Pastor Wright blessing the couple

The first “married” kiss

The newlyweds exit through
the honor cordon formed by uniformed Wingolf fraternity brothers

The couple had hired a special tram for the journey from the church to the restaurant

Walking to the tram stop

The couple and the mother of the bride in their special tram

Changing to the Underground

Proud mothers in the Underground on the way to the reception

They still had to walk about a mile from the Underground to the restaurant …

… but the newlyweds obviously were not lacking in energy!

Finally at the restaurant on the banks of the “Alte Donau”

There’s still time for some playing around before the reception …

… and for another kiss, of course!

The newlyweds with both sets of parents

The day concluded with dancing

(Photos courtesy of my son Stephen Paul and my brother-in-law Christopher Riggs)

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