Ten Myths about the Resurrection of Christ

“Credo House / Reclaiming the Mind Ministries”, a ministry with the mission of improving the theological education of the average church member, published a series of short videos in the run-up to Easter. In the videos, New Testament scholar Dr. Mike Licona deals with ten myths which are often presented as contradicting or disproving the resurrection of Jesus.

51XGlh7xSpL._SL500_AA300_Since I cannot find a list on the Credo House website giving the links to all ten videos, I have produced this link list here.

tcftroj-product-shot-aIf you want to study this subject in more depth you can either order the book by Mike Licona, “The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach”, or else buy the two DVD set on the subject, “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” from Credo House / Reclaiming the Mind.

Without further ado, here are the videos:

Myth 1: Contradictions in the Gospels

Myth 2: Pagan Parallels in the Mystery Religions

Myth 3: The Fraud Theory

Myth 4: Hallucinations

Myth 5: It’s a Matter of Faith

Myth 6: Apparent Death Theory

Myth 7: It Was Merely Legend

Myth 8: Science Proves that Resurrections Cannot Occur

Myth 9: Not Enough Evidence

Myth 10: Lost Gospels

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