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Sr Maria Magdalena Zitta CJ — 1930-2012

Long before I started thinking about what faith in Jesus, and following Him, should look like today, approximately two thousand years after the New Testament was written, I had an example and model of someone who took her faith (back then we would have said her religion) so seriously that she wanted to give her entire life to God and His service: my mother’s older sister, Maria Zitta. My first conscious memory of her is on the occasion of her entry into the convent of the Mary Ward Sisters (now Congregatio Jesu) in Sankt Pölten, sometime probably in 1962; then, apart from occasional visits the other memorable events were her successive vows, culminating in the perpetual vows. Continue reading

Which way am I facing?

From December 1984 through September 1989 we (that is, initially my wife and I, then Jessica arrived, and finally, about a month before we left, Stephen came along) lived in the Dallas, TX area, in the United States. There we were part of a church, and we still consider that time our best church experience. Continue reading