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What to do about the ruins?

When we see the traditional order we value in ruins, we rush to rebuild. When we see a breach in the wall of morality, our instinct is to buckle down to get it repaired. This is the impulse behind much of the activism of the so-called religious right over the past several decades, mostly in the United States but also here in Europe, judging by the growing number of expressly Christian political parties vying for the votes of committed Christians. This seems a natural and straight-forward approach. Continue reading

R.I.P.: Kenneth E. G. Barber, 1924-2014

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” (Psalm 116:15)

I had to think of this verse from the Psalms almost three weeks ago (January 31) when we learned that my father-in-law, Kenneth Barber, had passed away. He was in Kampala, Uganda, visiting one of his granddaughters and her family, had spent ten enjoyable days with them, and passed away within a few hours of being found unwell and taken to the hospital by them in the morning. Continue reading