Brian McLaren in the UK

Brian McLaren, a leader in the “progressive evangelical” emerging church movement in the United States, has been touring the UK to promote his new book, We Make the Road By Walking and had an online discussion with Andrew Wilson from King’s Church in Eastbourne.

Their two positions were published as articles in Christianity magazine, and are freely available here:

Brian McLaren, The Progressive: Jesus didn’t treat Scripture as infallible; nor should we

Andrew Wilson, The Evangelical: Jesus saw scripture as unbreakable; so should we

My “almost namesake”, Anglican theologian and blogger Ian Paul comments on McLaren’s view of the Bible in a post on his blog Psephizo:

Ian Paul, Brian McLaren and the Bible

For me as a conservative Evangelical, but by no means a Fundamentalist, these articles are helpful in pinpointing exactly why I feel uneasy with the positions being pushed and promoted by “Emerging” leaders like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell.


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