Web Roundup for Monday, 2015-01-26

Stuff from around the web that’s caught my eye today.

Tiny House – Giant Journey  — Jenna and Guilleaume built themselves a “tiny house” on a trailer base, quit their safe day jobs, and are travelling around North America, earning their money writing (Jenna) and doing photography (Guilleaume). I first came across their blog when they were halfway through building their house; since September 2014 they have been on the road. Fascinating experience — even though I am not likely to ever duplicate it, both because of my size and because both my wife and I tend to be hoarders.

Christian Japanese Man Being Held By ISIS Risked Life to Save Friend Now BeheadedKenji Goto, who after the murder of his friend Haruna Yukawa is still being held by the “IS” terrorists and is being threatened with murder himself, is a Christian who travelled to Iraq to try and rescue his friend. Let us pray for him and his family, as well as for all the victims of this terrorist group, as well as for their families.

Blasphemy After The Cross — In this article in the Huffington Post (!) Pastor Kenneth Tanner points out that from a Christian perspective, no blasphemy committed today can even come close to that of the crucifixion of the Son of God, and that Christians have no call to defend God’s honor through violence. Timothy Fountain, Anglican minister and blogger at Stand Firm commends the piece but wants to take the argument further, so in …

Islam amplifies blasphemy he does just that, arguing that because Muslims deny the crucifixion they actually amplify the blasphemy; that in fact, because they deny the one thing God demands that we have faith in, all their religious works amount to blasphemy.

For years I pleaded with God to make me straight. Why did he not answer my prayer? — Matt Moore deals with a question many people struggling with same-sex attraction are asking.

How a Syriza government would approach the eurozone — What is next for Greece, after Sunday’s Syriza victory? Andrew Lilicoin The Daily Telegraph attempts an answer.

More parallels with the 1930s — Edgar Davidson on Arab and Muslim anti-semitism, and how the West, and especially Western media, respond to it.

First Grader Shaves Head For Friend With Cancer — sometimes wisdom does not wait for age in order to make an appearance. And love and compassion are not age-dependent, anyway. Very encouraging story. Then I came across this article and I realized that some people can reach quite an age and still not be as wise as some kids.

French Mayor Bans Anti-Jihadist Muslim Film — So much for the absolute freedom of expression …

Obama Will Not Attend 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation — He seems to be in good company, President Putin will apparently also stay away …

Mom delivers baby inside Gwinnett Kroger — it’s not too often someone I know makes the news in such a dramatic way … Deborah and Andrew Ross were teachers at Vienna Christian School here in Vienna a few years ago and I attended a house church in their home for a few months.

Why I Chose To No Longer Wear Leggings — A Christian woman decides to consider men’s temptations ahead of her own preferences and comforts, and to avoid being a stumbling block. Respect! But not all feel that way, so Matt Walsh feels the need to comment on it in …

Hey, Look! That Woman Is Trying to Be Modest! Let’s All Laugh at Her and Call Her Names! in which he decries that some people are mocking the woman, Veronica Partridge.

Auschwitz Heute — Paul Lendvai on the need to remember Auschwitz. “The knowledge and awareness about Auschwitz and the Shoa must be passed on from generation to generation. Antisemitism is not just a matter of concern to a minority, or of the guarding of Jewish institutions; it is (unfortunately) an important concern for civil society, even seventy years after Auschwitz.” (in German)

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