Web Roundup for Sunday, 2015-01-25

Stuff I encountered across the web on this day. Short post, because two church services did not leave much room for surfing, reading and blogging …

Barack Obama heads to Saudi Arabia to pay respects and meet new king — My FB friend Stuart Dauermann posted this link and commented, “It disgusts many Jews and our friends that Mr Obama altered his schedule to go to the funeral of King Abdullah, but made no effort to go to that Paris gathering over the deaths of Jews although he had nothing on his schedule. I wonder if anyone in his administration cares that this reinforces perceptions some have that he is a Muslim appeaser and antagonistic to the Jewish State?”

A. N. Wilson: Why I Believe Again — This is not a new article, but interesting nonetheless. The biographer and columnist, who had declared himself an atheist in 1980 explains how he came back to faith in God.

If you don’t understand how people fall into poverty, you’re probably a sociopath — The first part of this piece resonates with me (despite my name, can’t really relate to Wolf Hall)

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