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  • I used to blog fairly regularly, but lately have found myself interacting mostly on Facebook. The problem with Facebook is that it’s hard to find things that are a bit older, and formatting and especially typography is also rather limited.

    So I have started this blog, and will here collect:

    • posts from my previous blog that now, months or years later, seem worth preserving;
    • Facebook posts that seem worth preserving;
    • the occasional post that will only appear here;
    • a list of links to web sites and blogs I find of interest and value.

    This is, as you can see, the English version. As time and energy permits there may also be a German version sometime.

    My previous blog is still available at wnp.doulos.at but will no longer be updated.

    Mein bisheriger Blog, inklusive deutscher Einträge, ist nach wie vor unter wnp.doulos.at zu finden, wird aber nicht mehr aktualisiert.

  • wnp_headshot_400x485I am Wolf Paul … a Christian, a father, a computer technician, was born ten years after the end of World War II in Vienna, grew up with two parents, five siblings and (one after the other) multiple dogs.

    My wife Geraldine is from England and we have three kids, all of whom are grown. We also have one granddaughter and another grandchild on the way.

    I am also a voracious reader and a very text-oriented person, which is why there are hardly any pictures on this site.

    Funny story: When McDonalds ran a billboard here in Austria with a scantily-clad blonde holding a hamburger, and the statement, “Most men will notice the hamburger last”, I actually read these words first, then found the hamburger it was talking about, and only then noticed the half-naked girl. Make of this what you will :-)

  • I call myself a “catholic Evangelical”, and Christian unity is very important to me; not so much the institutional ecumenism promoted by the Ecumenical Council of Churches but rather the reconciled diversity and “ecumenism of the heart” encouraged by Weg der Versöhnung here in Austria, or Evangelicals and Catholics Together in the US.

    Currently, I attend an international bilingual church in the Presbyterian tradition on Sunday afternoon. Here is the web page. Most Sunday mornings I visit different churches in the Vienna region.

  • In paying job, I am a Linux Systems Administrator. I work for an international Enterprise IT Services company, and together with a colleague run about 1700 Linux workstations for the R&D department of a French/American telecommunications group. The machines we manage are located in Europe, North America, and Asia, and run a modified version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    In addition to my day job I volunteer my computer and telecoms skills at the International Christian School of Vienna and a number of other Christian church and missions groups, and serve on the board of a Christian ministry to women (and men) in prostitution.

  • This web site was created using the WordPress CMS with the Simple Theme and is hosted by Easyname, Vienna.

    For my computer work I use a Macbook Pr​o 17″ (but since Apple has discontinued the 17″ model, when the time comes to replace it, it won’t be replaced by another Macbook), and also a Samsung ATIV convertible (tablet with a keyboard dock) running Windows 8.1.

    If I had the budget, I would add (a) a Google Chromebook from either Samsung or HP, and (b) a 17″ Samsung notebook running Mint Linux.

    I have a couple of Android tablets (a 9.7″ Cube 9X and a 7″ Google Nexus) and a dual-SIM Android smartphone (THL 100S, octacore with 32GB RAM and full-hd screen).

    I also have a Kindle Paperwhite 3G, which together with the free books which Amazon provides almost every day (via eReader News Today) supplies all the reading I would want. If I had some extra money, I would add either a Nook or Kobo reader for ePub format ebooks (which I currently read on my 7″ Android tablet, but an epaper device would be better).

  • This website is published by:

    Wolf Paul
    (Street address available from nic.at with a court order)

    as an expression of my personal views. It does not serve any commercial purpose.

    External Web sites listed on the Links page are listed for information purposes only; listing does not imply agreement with or approval of any views expressed on such external sites.

    If anyone feels that content on this Site violates their legal rights, please notify me so that I can correct this situation.