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The Roman Catholic Church and the media

ORF Online (Austrian Broadcasting’s web news site), representative of most mainstream media outlets, today has the headline, “Gay marriage: Catholic Church fails to open up”. This is in reference to the fact that the final document of the Bishops’ Synod in Rome continues to insist on marriage being between a man and a woman, and because no final “resolution” was reached for the issue of divorced and remarried Catholics’ admission to the Eucharist. Continue reading

Israel, Palestine, and the nations of the world

Guest Post by Stuart Dauerman

I just returned from a tiring but productive trip out of town and am writing at 2:00 a.m. having been awake for about 24 hours. However, a note from a friend prods me to write about the current situation in Israel, lest my comparative silence be misconstrued as disinterest.

My research leads me to the conviction that the world only knows how to respond to Jews when we are subjugated, suffering, dying, and weak. The world does not know how to respond to Jewish strength and by and large resents it.

Continue reading

ZavCentre — old memories …

Old Zav Centre

Zav Centre in the 1970s

On our way to a wedding in England we are spending the night at “ZavCentre”, OM’s Conference and Hospitality Ministry in Zaventem, just outside Brussels, Belgium. For many years this was the European head office, and home to the garage where a fleet of old VW buses, Ford Transits, and other vehicles were maintained for the hundreds of evangelistic teams that would be sent out across Europe, the Middle East, and all the way to India.

Large Conference Room

In a changed world where nowadays using these old vehicles to transport teams of youngsters would constitute a nightmare of legal liability, and the land route to places like India and Pakistan is closed (at least for Christian missionaries), the garage has been converted to offices and the old offices to bedrooms. The attic, which used to house the boy’s dorm and storage areas has been converted to a conference room, which since a number of years serves as the meeting place for Zaventem’s Evangelical Church. Next up for conversion to more bedrooms is “Charlie’s”, the second-hand clothes depot that was once a fixed part of any self-respecting OM office, but is no longer needed at a conference facility.

Anyway, up at 3 a.m. for a potty stop, I sat for a while at the back of the conference room and remnisced about the times when I passed through here before, beginning in January 1972, shortly after becoming a committed Christian, on my way to the UK to join the team at the STL literature warehouse in Bromley; then many more times, usually travelling to and from England, once helping for a few weeks when the conversion of this attic I was sitting in was only just beginning, and once for a conference for O.M. IT support people, which is one of several volunteer hats I am wearing.

Jonathan McRostie

Remembering also people like Jonathan McRostie, one of OM’s early leaders, who was based her in Zaventem, even after a road accident in Spain put him in a wheel chair, and who passed away just a few years ago, or Frank Bus, for many years the head of the garage, and many others like them.

So many good memories, of the goodness of God and the faithfulness of His people.

The Paschal Greeting in many languages

At Easter 2014 I wanted to post a status on Facebook which would reflect the central them of this feast in all the languages of my friends. Wikipedia was very helpful there; I copied most of these from the online encyclopedia. I made one change: except for Hebrew, I copied only the latinized transliteration. I made an exception for Hebrew, because  I can at least read the script (if not the language). Continue reading