Which way am I facing?

From December 1984 through September 1989 we (that is, initially my wife and I, then Jessica arrived, and finally, about a month before we left, Stephen came along) lived in the Dallas, TX area, in the United States. There we were part of a church, and we still consider that time our best church experience. Continue reading

Ten Myths about the Resurrection of Christ

“Credo House / Reclaiming the Mind Ministries”, a ministry with the mission of improving the theological education of the average church member, published a series of short videos in the run-up to Easter. In the videos, New Testament scholar Dr. Mike Licona deals with ten myths which are often presented as contradicting or disproving the resurrection of Jesus. Continue reading

Finally at rest: Irmtraut Paul, 1931-2011

This morning, shortly before eight in the morning, my mother went home to the Lord. For quite some time already she had suffered from increasingly severe old age dementia, and after a stroke was partially paralyzed. In the few lucid moments which she had right up to the end one could tell that she was aware of this, and that it troubled her greatly. As a believer in Christ she longed to be liberated from this prison which her body had become, and to go home to God. Today her desire was granted. Continue reading

Some thoughts on the Church

For a number of years I have participated in an initiative known as “Round Table for Austria” which brings together Christians from different traditions (Roman Catholic, Lutheran/Reformed, Evangelical, Pentecostal/Charismatic, as well as potentially Eastern Orthodox and Messianic Jews) to work towards a reconciled diversity in the Body of Christ here in Austria. The following is a presentation I gave at the Spring 2010 meeting of the Round Table in Graz.
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